Environmental issues have contributed to the development of several technological provisions. In addition to electric cars, there are electric bikes. The latter, which is easier to use in urban environments, is a considerable asset for the environment. Connectivity has enhanced the functionality of electric bikes. How is connectivity an advantage for electric bikes? Reading this article will help you understand the benefits of connectivity for electric bikes.

The electric bike, a fast-growing sector

Electrically assisted bicycles are a growing market when you look at the sales of these bikes between 2019 and 2020. For more information on electric bikes click here. The multiplication of their product has undoubtedly been the reason why electric bikes are sold. There are electric city bikes, electric mountain bikes and even electric cargo bikes on the market. It must be said that provisions have been made for this market to flourish. For example, you will have access to purchase subsidies, self-service rental and long-term rental. These are strategies that have propelled the electric bike into the market.

Taking advantage of anti-theft features

It is true that the development of the electric bicycle has been handicapped by theft. But the connectivity in this network has brought several advantages. One of the advantages is the anti-theft functionality of electric bikes. Every electric bicycle is entitled to anti-theft protection. The latter consists of motion detection, an audible alarm system and real-time geolocation. With this variety of functions, the electric bike can no longer be stolen. In addition, the anti-theft function can also provide some data on its user. Since it can also collect information.

Safety for electric bike users

Another advantage of connectivity is the security that needs to be provided to cyclists. Indeed, the first function of the connected bike that comes into play for the safety of cyclists is to trace their route. A function that will contribute to the improvement of the infrastructure. In Europe, some countries such as Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands are ahead of the others. The improvement of the infrastructure results in the optimisation of traffic flow. Another function of connectivity is fall detection. This is a function that ensures the safety of cyclists. After a fall, they will be able to get help quickly.

Extending the life of your bike

An electric bicycle, like any other bicycle, needs to be maintained. It is the maintenance that will extend its life. This maintenance should not be carried out in a haphazard manner. Connectivity is the key to ensuring the longevity of your bike. In fact, it can alert the user to maintenance requirements. It can also provide information about the health of your bike. So connectivity allows you to keep your smart bike always in shape. So you won’t have any surprises. You will get alerts in several ways. It will have alerts for preventive, curative and predictive maintenance. All this is to ensure the longevity of your bike. In addition, a well-maintained bike will ensure better safety in its daily use.


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