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Freshness, durability, sustainability and practicality. The core of what you want when packaging food products.

Always with the latest resin technologies and coatings, MJS Packaging' multi-layer bottles and tubes have O2 and UV barrier protection that ensures your product stability and boosts your shelf-life. Each layer serves a specific purpose, never under or over-packaging your product, but creating the best possible conditions to maximize the potential of your product.

Talk to a multi-layer packaging expert at MJS Packaging. Call 800-915-2262 and let's put some packaging innovation to work for your brand.

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You could spend months searching for the right source or you could spend a few minutes on the phone with an MJS Packaging packaging expert. We're here to answer your questions, help you overcome challenges and be your one stop source for all things packaging. Call 800-915-2262 and let's go to market!

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